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Celebrity Guest Appearances are the ultimate Sweet 16 party idea. Our past Sweet Sixteen parties have had celebrity appearances. We have
experience with parties for celebrities and have worked on huge events like the MTV Movie so we know how to give you the best Sweet 16 party
possible. While this is not a common theme at a Sweet 16 party it will definitely make your party the event of the season. If this is something
you would like to discuss with us after you book your party, we will do the best we can to make it happen.
Winter Wonderland themes can be combined with the masquerade theme, fashion theme, and any other theme you can
come up with. Our custom lighting designs like the snowflake lights we used in the example below ensures your theme is
special and expressed throughout your Sweet 16 party venue.
Feather Centerpieces for your Sweet 16 party are a new and trendy cool idea. Choose from
many different colors of premium ostrich feathers and Spandex covers for the centerpieces.
Custom centerpieces help you build an awesome Sweet Sixteen theme no matter use green
wall lighting instead of pink and this same room would feel like a Safari themed party.
Transform Your Sweet 16 Venue into a nightclub for your Sweet 16 party. We have tons of experience producing real NYC and Miami
nightclub parties and we have the best event lighting. In fact, our blue green 3D laser show is better than any nightclub laser in New York
and Miami. Add our mega laser to your Sweet 16 DJ party for an authentic nightclub party event.
Sweet 16 Themed Sign In Boards are a cool idea for any Sweet Sixteen theme. Your design choices on our high quality sign
in boards set the tone for your party when guests enter. Choose to have us take a photo of you with a high resolution camera
and then place you into a custom themed background created with a special computer program.
Themed Sweet 16 Invitations are created by our in-house artists. They work directly with you to design an awesome invitation to match any Sweet 16
ideas you have. When your guests receive your professionally produced Sweet 16 invites, they will know they are going to have an awesome time.
Themed Sweet 16 Candle Holders are another special way we can bring your theme into the party. Our own craftsman builds candle holders
and candelabras to match any Sweet Sixteen theme or your preferences. Ideas include Masquerade Ball theme candle holders, Winter
Wonderland theme candle holders, Hollywood red carpet theme candle holders, and more. With our Sweet 16 candle holders, your theme goes
right through to the Sweet 16 candle ceremony where your Sweet 16 girl is spotlighted.
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Super Sweet Sixteens  - Sweet 16 DJ Parties & Planning For Long Island, NY, NJ & CT
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58 Thorne Avenue - Massapequa - NY 11758    Email :
Our Sweet Sixteen themes usually involve creating a nightclub atmosphere in which you can add your personality and ideas. Our nightclub atmosphere is
authentic, like no other Long Island DJ company can do because of our
professional party lighting. You can choose any theme for your Sweet 16 party.
Popular themes are Masquerade Ball theme or Winter Wonderland theme combined with our nightclub theme. Our Super Sweet Sixteens party planners
visual special effects, dry ice and haze, 3D laser light shows, video projection walls, fire shows, and other cool stuff that no Long Island DJ company
offers for Sweet 16 parties. Customize any Sweet Sixteen theme with personalized Sweet 16 invitations, candle holders, sign-in boards, feather
centerpieces, custom lighting, and many other party package options. Scroll down to check out some cool Sweet 16 ideas.
Super Sweet Sixteens creates Sweet 16 parties that stand out from any other party. Your guests dance more, the event lighting looks professional, the vibe
is more nightclub-like, and after the party you feel like you just partied at a top NYC club. Our standard Sweet 16 nightclub theme is amazing and tops any
other nightclub experience at a Sweet 16 party. Bring your Sweet 16 ideas to party planners or choose from other packages we offer including:

•        Masquerade Ball theme
•        Safari theme
•        Winter Wonderland theme
•        Fashion theme
•        Mardi Gras theme
•        Arabian Nights theme
•        Fantasy theme
•        Beach theme

Don’t see a theme you like or want to combine them? We can help you implement any Sweet Sixteen themes you can imagine. Check out some cool
Sweet 16 ideas below then call us to see more examples of past parties and begin to pick out your Sweet 16 party ideas.

Sweet 16 Ideas

Exclusive Super Sweet Sixteen Themes We Can Do At Your Party

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